2013 Season Wrap Up

Looking back, overall, I think I had a successful season with some really good results. It’s easy to move the goal posts throughout the season ultimately leading to disappointment – and then it’s impossible to justify the winter, more like autumn, more like late summer cake induced fatness. Time to reflect….


Remember the early targets set at the beginning of the year. For me, this was getting my 2nd cat license, and hoping to place top 10 in E123 races at some point in the year. For others this could be at TT time, a sportive, or riding any distance.

Achievements & notsoacheivments

Did I meet my goals? Yes. I got my second cat license and placed top 10 in E123 races throughout the season. Did you get the time, finish the sportive, make the distance? It was meeting my goals that made me want to move the goal posts. Upon reflection I should be happy with my progress… and I should continue to make realistic achievable targets.

One of my failures was the lack of strength and fitness in the second part of the season. My riding dropped off, energy and enthusiasm was low and fitness fell short. Maintaining or re-building “form” throughout the season will be something I’m aware of next season.


What do I want to achieve next season? I tempted to set getting my 1st cat license as a goal. But I wonder whether this will just lead to stressing over the number of races I do. So I might set that as some kind of secondary goal. I don’t want to be riding as many races as I can and scraping through for a collection of lower placings. I don’t think a wishy washy target of “mixing it up with the big boys” really counts, but that is kind of what I hope to be able to do. Ride the bigger races, with stronger fields, and be somewhat competitive. 

So, as I sort out my winter training, I will be thinking about proper goals and  races to target. Having the future goals is critical for me in being motivated throughout the cold, wet and dark winter rides and for gauging the success/failures of the following season.

Winter Training 

Winter will involve basing and building, with continued efforts to raising my FTP but with a much stronger focus on my sprint. I will be doing some gym work to keep me warm and dry, More MTB! More running this winter – aiming for a 20 min 5k.


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