National B Top 5 – Hillingdon E123

Inverse / Cycle Components RT Spring Circuit Race – E123 National B Hillingdon

I had a good training week last week but was still suffering from a 2 hour cross country mountain bike ride I rode as the final leg sapper. I was shocked by my massive fatigue from the ride. I had soreness in my lower back and small odd muscles in my legs for a few days… just a completely different workout to road riding and seemed to push me over the edge. I had to put myself to bed early and throw in a couple of extra rest days into my week, like a big baby – but seemed to be recovering well. I generally find it hard to identify whether I’m being effected by fatigue, over-reaching, over-training, remnants of a hangover or the onset of illness but I’m getting better at this all the time.

I headed out to Hillingdon feeling a lot better as I warmed up. Also the sun was shining!

  • Location: Hillingdon
  • Strava here
  • Average speed: 43 kmph
  • Preliminary results here
  • Check out a set of seriously good race pictures (here) by Antony Edmonds (AE photos – about)

I have split the race into a few sections, as shown below.

Hillingdon 25/05/13

1) Driving the break

I got off to a steady start just sitting in the bunch and drifting towards the back whilst keeping an eye on the Felt-Colborne-Hargroves and Madison Genesis riders in the peleton. Two guys attacked and went up the road but were quickly brought back which was swiftly followed up by a counter attack. I thought this was early to go, especially considering how windy it was, but went anyway. It turned out to be a good move and we quickly established a solid gap. There were 7 of us in the break, with most of the major teams being represented. On one hand this was good as we were likely to stay away…. on the other hand I knew this be trouble towards the race conclusion (assuming I got that far). The fastest lap was done whilst establishing the break, covering the 1.5 km circuit in 1 min 50 seconds averaging 48.6 kmph for the lap.

2) Through and Off

We weren’t super organised but were rolling turns well. Our gap on the peleton was pinned for a while, but then blew open and we eventually ended up lapping the main field. At some point we lost one rider who went back to the peleton leaving 6 of us including: Justin Hoy, Lee Smith and Matt Higgins from Felt Colbornes- Hargroves Cycles RT, Ben Sumner from Beeline RT and Chris Snook from Madison Genesis.

Me in the break - Numbers are looking good.

Me in the break – Numbers are looking good :/ (

3) Attack

After 45mins the first attack went from beeline cycles rider – Ben Sumner. This was chased in dribs and drabs with me making it over last, dragging the last Felt rider over. After this attack we settled down to a slower pace as you can see above. Up until this point of the race we had averaged 44kmph but after the first attack we dropped to a lower average of 40 kmph for the rest of the race.

4) More attacks

From now on Felt-Colborne were in control. Being 3 out of 6 of us in the break they were able to attack and counter each other comfortably whilst the rest of us gave chase. I think one of the 3 was the designated sprinter so I don’t think they were overly concerned about going long, and were just covering moves and softening us up for the sprint. Anyway, I just followed wheels and closed things down in order not to get left behind.

5) Sprint

As we lined out I was stuck at the back. I came round on the back straight into the headwind, only just to drop back again. I had the wrong wheel and wasted energy here. I was out of matches/biscuits/legs for the sprint and just gave it stick to the line coming in 5th.

A good result and I’m pleased to get in the break represented by good riders. Also, lapping the main field was cool – how often does that happen?!

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2 thoughts on “National B Top 5 – Hillingdon E123

  1. Rowdy says:

    amazing, when are you getting picked up by a real team?

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